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89.24.24 Pronto PagineGialle® is a 24 hour a day information service that through a personal assistant gives solutions and choices to callers everywhere and always, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

To access the 89.24.24 Pronto PagineGialle® service, simply dial 892424 without using any area code. This service is provided only from Italian phone lines: mobile and fixed telephone.
It offers information COVERING THE ENTIRE COUNTRY.

89.24.24 Pronto PagineGialle® is an effective tool designed for those looking for products, services, brands or any specialized field in your area as well as all over Italy.
Offering highly personalized telephone assistance, 89.24.24 Pronto PagineGialle® is well known to Italians who were introduced to it through a commercial with a catchy jingle and a famous character played by the Italian comic actor Claudio Bisio.

89.24.24 Pronto PagineGialle®, thanks to its extensive database and its experience is able to provide an advanced and constantly evolving system that assists users from beginning to end. Ranging from the search for a number to the purchase of a theatre ticket or the booking at a table in a restaurant. Our operators are personal assistants skilled in finding the right solution in order to solve customers' needs.
The service provides information regarding different areas:

companies, professional services and craftsmen

dining out (restaurants, pizzerias, pubs) and booking

accommodation (hotel, farm holidays, B&B) and booking

shopping (shops, supermarkets)

entertainment & events (cinemas, theatres, festivals, fairs) and ticketing

sport & wellness

public transport (train and flight schedules, ferries and bus)



public services

emergencies (pharmacies, useful numbers)


The information provided is also available:


with direct transfer to the requested number

in English

Con 89.24.24 puoi avere le previsioni METEO della localitÓ di tuo interesse e conoscere il TRAFFICO IN TEMPO REALE
Al cinema con 89.24.24!
Non perderti nemmeno un evento! Con 89.24.24 Pronto PagineGialle® trovare i biglietti che stai cercando è facile e immediato.